I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you guys


All of you guys are so super supportive and I just love it. C: You guys are always leaving cute little notes on my photos and I love reading them.

And I do check for them. C: I always go through the list to make sure I’ve read any replies you guys make. I wish it was easier to reply to them, but I rarely use a computer anymore unless im uplpading and I just get so many! But I just wanted to make sure you guys knew that I always see them and that I really appreciate your constant support. I never thought I’d get to be so fond of some of my followers, but I consider a great lot of you friends. C:

One of the biggest compliments I’ve been receiving is that you guys like the new photos! Im really glad you guys are happy with my camera’s quality! I try to make the photos worth your while, haha. C:

Again, thank you all so much for being so awesome!

Mika and Kylie’s mom put into words what I can’t (because I suck at words!).

I do read all of your replies and reblogs, and I take everyone’s advice when I have a question. I appreciate all of you being here for Kaeda and me (and maybe Penelope and Bryan hahaha).

Thank you, mika-and-kylie :3



The first few minutes of this may be difficult to watch for some (it was for me, because of the owner’s panic and grief), but shows a dog who has stopped breathing being revived by CPR and it’s good to watch and see the method.