freetoflythecrimsonsky asked:

I saw the thing about dog vaccines you wrote, but the big thing you missed is that the Rabies vaccine is NOT about dog health. In other countries where dogs are not routinely vaccinated for Rabies they are one of, if not the biggest source of Rabies in humans. We in the US (and as far as I know, most "first world countries" that are not Rabies free) have other main Rabies carriers that are a little less likely to give Rabies to a human.

biologyweeps answered:

Yeah but by vaccinating the dog you’re blocking the vector (and it’s absolutely still about dog health because dogs infected with rabies basically always die. Meaning that if the rabies go from the wild animal to the dog you still have the very same problem of ‘vector in close contact with humans’ making the maintenance of overarching herd immunity still an important factor in keeping rabies down (here from the WHO). 

Also as sidneyia mentioned, there’s places where if your pet bites someone and is not vaccinated, your pet will be put down.

Just vaccinate your pets please, for their good, for your good and for the good of every other animal they may come in contact with. 


Ugh, I didn’t tell you guys.

Bryan was walking Kaeda a few days ago and saw our neighbor with the dog aggressive pitbull mix Mia and the beagle Pepper. He decided to go and talk to her because she’s a nice lady. Mia had a ball in her mouth, so she usually doesn’t care for Kaeda. Well Bryan underestimated how far Mia can go in the invisible fence…and she grabbed Kaeda’s leg and bit her. He told me Kaeda HOWLED. Like you know how you run over their paw with a computer chair by accident and they squeal, well he said it was like that but 20x louder and longer. Ugh, and the neighbor, who is a really nice lady, didn’t even discipline Mia!! She didn’t bother to bring her inside or anything. She just yelled at her. You have a dog aggressive dog, don’t keep them in an invisible fence. That’s awful and stupid. I’m just so mad. Bryan was livid and felt awful. I told him it wasn’t his fault, because it’s not.

Kaeda is fine now. Probably forgot about the whole thing. And there are no marks. Bryan told me she got the zoomies when they got home. So I’m not worried. I’m just worried about her mentally.


lemalinois asked:

Hey! So I've been following you for a little while on my horse blog and have just gotten around to making a dog blog, do you have any recommendations for some of your favorite blogs that you follow??

southernsnowdogs answered:

Hey I’m going to post this on my dash so my dogblog followers can see and reblog to point you in the right direction. I have toooons of dog blogs I follow, I don’t want to miss any that I think would be what you’re looking for :P 

So blog away my peeps— enlighten this wonderful person to the world of blogging about our beloveds!